The Perfect Learning Solution

I am a perfectionist.

Generally I would take it as a compliment.  It means I care about the little things.  I spend alot of time in the Master sheet of a powerpoint, I keep an organized desk and I thoroughly enjoy QA of sites or learning module navigation.  The downside, is I struggle with the idea of “good enough”.  I think this is a concept that is labelled with ideals of laziness or lack of proficiency. 

The reality is that when working on any project where learning scope is properly gathered, it rarely is articulated as “All instructor notes must be sexy and wordsmithed a dozen times”.

Proper learning scope should be focused around hitting a business measurement, impacting a behaviour in a learner, or targetting a knowledge or attitude gap.  To meet these needs in an economical way, it’s important to know when to back off.  Delivering an impactful, quality work to the client a little bit early will go a much longer way towards future success than getting too mired in the minutiae.

There is a concept in SCRUM project management where for each milestone or sprint you “define done”.  If you target the behaviours you are looking to change, take the time for each scope item and define what “done” is and communicate it clearly to the project team you are guaranteed to see a difference in velocity.

About Andrew Ambrose
I am passionate about the learning longtail for formal and informal learning solutions, leveraging social media and networking technology for learning projects, innovation through mLearning, collaborative learning and applying solutions that fit within the learners personal learning environment.

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